Magento is a very powerful technology that allows for the development of dynamic

Magento Module Integration

Magento is a great option for companies that want to upgrade or enhance their current Ecommerce web solution. The Magento platform works well for companies that want to integrate the Magento code into their existing Ecommerce software.

Here how your Ecommerce solution can benefit using Magento:

  • Products can be easily categorized for ease of navigation
  • Easy to manage multiple web stores
  • Promotions and easy discount/coupon application
  • Use management roles can be easily set by Administrator
  • Logout page
  • Great reporting capabilities for tracking statistics
  • Tax structure flexibility when selling to international customers
  • Payment Gateway Integration when working with multiple service providers
  • Shipping rules per country and multiple shipping address functionality
  • Easy invoice, billing, and shipping functionality
  • Managing important information using CMS
  • Integration of third party components
  • Upgrades with One Click
  • SEO features built-in
  • Currency and Multi-language support
  • Ability to ass future enhancements and scalability

If you want to upgrade your current Ecommerce solution or integrate new elements to enhance your web solution, Magento is the answer for you.